Club Sagacité is a multidisciplinary artistic and community space located in Parc Extension, Montreal, QC.

Initiated by the Moonshine collective the project aims to offer a space, a community and resources dedicated to uplift underrepresented groups of artists in Montreal’s cultural landscape.

The 2000 sq. ft. space includes a multi-modal event room for danse, music production, djing conferences, workshops, concerts and exhibitions, and a shared work space.

Club members are given access to the infrastructure, workshops, shows, exhibits, community events, conferences, and individual mentorship.

Operating hours: Wednesday and Thursday – 5pm-10pm

Please address questions or requests to info@clubsagacite.com.


  1. Club Sagacité is a space of learning, meaningful connections, and skill sharing. Cultivate a spirit of grace, compassion, and encouragement in your interactions with those around you.
  2. Members, guests, and staff are held to the highest standards of respect, kindness, and courtesy.
  3. Be respectful of the club space and its equipment, recognizing the shared nature of these resources during opening hours.
  4. Access to the club space during member hours is a privilege reserved exclusively for registered members. Members are to be mindful of this before inviting visitors.
  5. Inspire skill sharing and mentorship among members, fostering an environment of continuous growth.
  6. Promptly communicate any concerns to the staff upon their arrival and report safety issues without delay.
  7. Designated smoking areas are situated outside the club space.
  8. Our personnel and staff stand ready to guide you creatively and connect you with mentors. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you seek such guidance.
  9. Uphold a standard of cleanliness and order; take responsibility for cleaning up after yourself and ensuring to leave the space in the state you found it.
  10. Acknowledge that personal conflicts may arise; commit to healthy conflict resolution for a positive community environment.
  11. While our space is open to all, our commitment and mission prioritizes Afro-descendant individuals and marginalized identities.
  12. The organization maintains the right to terminate memberships at its discretion, upholding the integrity and values of Club Sagacite.